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National Holiday Celebrations, Budapest, 15 March

2011. március 14.  

The Hungarian Revolution of 1848 grew into a war for independence from Habsburg rule. Now a national holiday, next Tuesday many 15 March programs in Budapest offer expats the chance to celebrate together with locals. Read on for details of what’s on in Pest and across the Danube, and in Buda in the castle and at Millenáris Park, all for free(dom;).


9:00 Kossuth Lajos tér (Square)

Raising of the Hungarian national flag.


9.20 Hungarian National Museum

A procession of soldiers and horses.


10.00 Hungarian National Museum,

Viktor Orban, Hungary’s Prime Minister to make a ceremonial speech.


10.00-18.00 Hungarian Parliament

Free entrance: Open day, with Hungarian Holy Crown on display.


11.00 Hungarian National Museum

Traditional Hussars procession starts here and goes to the Buda Castle.


11.00-18.00 Buda Castle

Family programs: arts and crafts fair, all day music and dance, puppet theater.


11.00–18.00 at Millenáris Park, Free Of Charge Admission

Handicrafts, artisans’ demonstrations, historic skill games.

Making paper hats, potato guns, clay drums, cockades, flags etc.

Artisan’s demonstration: the rope-maker

Original skill games: barrel riding, swamp walking, balancing on stilts.

Merry go round, puppet theatre and sling shooting.


11.00 Millenáris Park

Kolompos band concert: ‘Here come the cavalrymen’.

Enjoy the atmosphere of the 1848-49 freedom fight in Hungary with music and dance.


12.30 Millenáris Openair Stage

Lábita (using only feet) Theatre: Szende Csernik’s special performance from Transylvania.


12.00–15.00 Millenáris Manó Playground

Drama play with the ‘Tiny Theatre’

Teaching songs and rhymes, acting out scenes.


14.00 Millenáris Park

Évkerék (Wheel of the year) Company – The story of Green Peter

If you visit the special themed playground in the park of the Millenáris you can get acquainted with the characters and the story of Green Peter. This time the story comes to life with a lot of music, art crafts and the active participations of children.


15.00 Millenáris Zöld Péter Playground

MárkusZínház (children’s theatre): The play: John the valiant

The original poem–story written by great Hungarian poet, Sándor Petőfi, altered by the Company of the Markuszínház.


16.00 Millenáris Openair Stage

‘Music of dry wood’. The Fonó Band introduces musical instruments and dances for childrenChildren can get acquainted with the traditional instruments of Hungarian folk music.


Location: Millenáris Budapest

1024 Budapest, Kis Rókus u. 16–20.

Tel.: +36 1 336 4000


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