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Three New iPhone Photo Apps by coolhunting.com

2012. március 31.  

Three new applications aim to enhance mobile photography – reports coolhunting.com. A slew of photo applications for iPhone have rolled out recently, bringing a bit of competition to the Instagram-dominated scene. From professional features to creative image destruction, the following apps continue to expand the capabilities of smart phone photography. A slew of photo applications for […]

Gizmodo: The Dark Side of Being an Organ Donor

2012. március 28.  

  Becoming an organ donor is widely considered a good thing. If you die and offer up your body to medicine, you can extend the life of others with zero inconvenience—after all, you’re dead. But it turns out that the reality of organ donation isn’t quite so crystal clear, and that it’s something you might […]

The Economist: He copied, but he’s not a plagiarist

2012. március 28.  

ANYONE seeking to understand contemporary Hungary could do worse than to take a look at the ongoing scandal around President Pál Schmitt’s doctoral thesis. Mr Schmitt submitted his thesis, “Analysis of the Programme of the Modern Olympic Games”, to the Budapest College of Physical Education in 1992, and received a summa cum laude grade. But in January hvg.hu, […]

National Holiday Celebrations, Budapest, 15 March

2011. március 14.  

The Hungarian Revolution of 1848 grew into a war for independence from Habsburg rule. Now a national holiday, next Tuesday many 15 March programs in Budapest offer expats the chance to celebrate together with locals. Read on for details of what’s on in Pest and across the Danube, and in Buda in the castle and […]

WHO Welcomes A Smoke-Free Hungary

2011. március 5.  

Recently a group of MPs in the Hungarian Parliament, with government support, submitted a motion for legislation that would make public places, restaurants, bars and workplaces in Hungary smoke-free. Debate on this proposal has already started in Parliament. The World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe welcomes this initiative, read on for more details and […]

Elvis Presley to be named honorary citizen of Budapest

2011. március 4.  

The King is to be awarded posthumous citizenship and a landmark in Hungary’s capital for supporting the 1956 uprising. A little belatedly, Elvis Presley is to become an official citizen of Budapest. The Hungarian capital has announced plans to commemorate the singer, who has been dead for 34 years, with both an honorary citizenship and […]

Hungarian Cabinet Approves Home Births

2011. március 4.  

The cabinet yesterday issued a decree allowing women to give birth at home with the assistance of a midwife or obstetrician under certain conditions. The decree applying to births after May 1 stipulates that pregnant women aged 18-40 may choose where they prefer to deliver their babies, so long as neither the baby’s nor the […]

Xpat Interview: Balázs Zságer (Zagar)

2011. február 5.  

He is the leader of the band called Žagar wich is one of the most popular groups of the Hungarian electronic music scene now. Before he was the keyboard player of Yonderboi. With Yonderboi and his band he played all over Europe from Moscow to Amsterdam. He is the author of the remarkable track Wings […]

New Bells For Matthias Church Budapest Cost Ft 180 Million

2011. február 3.  

Two new bells were hoisted by a crane into the belfry of Mátyás Church in Buda Castle on Wednesday. They are two of four bells to be made for the church by the Perner company of Passau, Germany at a cost of Ft 180 million. The church obtained Ft 86 million from the Norwegian Fund, […]

West Balkan NightClub Closed For Good

2011. január 27.  

Latest news: info on the West Balkan website indicates the club has closed for good. If the club continued it could “hurt the mourning of parents, friends, family members and all well-wishing people,” the club website announced. “The Sixth District notary Csilla Sajtos had made an official note to close West Balkan after carrying out […]

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