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ZAGAR 10th Anniversary Concert @ Trafó

2011. január 27.  

You can’t get on the Budapest subway without hearing the track Bossa Astoria playing in our minds our head down to the Balaton without listening to Eastern Sugar or go to a festival without witnessing the audio-visual orgy that is Zagar. (2011.02.12, 20:00, @ TRAFÓ ) Balázs Zságer, leader of the band Zagar isn’t a […]

Introducing Budapest by LonelyPlanet

2011. január 12.  

Straddling the romantic Danube River, with the Buda Hills to the west and the start of the Great Plain to the east, Budapest is the most beautiful city in central Europe. And the human legacy is just as remarkable as Mother Nature’s. Architecturally, Budapest is a gem, with enough baroque, neoclassical, Eclectic and art nouveau […]

TÁP Színház presents ’ETCHNO’ @ Szikra Cool Tour House

2010. december 16.  

Well, first of all, if you haven’t been to Szikra Cool Tour House, which is the new hip club in town, just immediately make up for it. Second of all, you have a special chance to watch ’Etchno’, a critically acclaimed work of the actor/director Vajdai Vilmos and TÁP Theatre Company featuring with Dj Bootsie. […]

Compagnie Pál Frenák’s roadmovie is arrived to Trafó

2010. december 16.  

It’s been more than a decade since we first saw the Pál Frenák’s Company, and it was an instant affection. The Hungarian-French company is well known of its unique style, mixing a variety of classical and modern dance techniques with mimics and sign language, and toping it with the realistic demonstration of human nature. This […]

A Gem called Dzsem

2010. december 13.  

Let’s face it, lunchtime is generally one of the most welcome times of the day. Want to know how to make it really worthwhile? Read about this gem. In case you didn’t know, this is the place-to-be around breakfast and lunchtime, where it’s all wild designs and colors, matching tank tops and a great variety […]

And the winner is…Budapest! – Liberty Bridge, jewel of Budapest, rewarded at "Auroralia 2010" in Lyon

2010. december 13.  

Liberty Bridge brings international recognition to Budapest Budapest citizens have many reasons to be proud nowadays: the new jewel of their city, Liberty Bridge, shining in full beauty since 2009, has been the core element for the city of Budapest to win the prestigious 1st place amongst 16 applicants at “Auroralia 2010” award in Lyon, […]

'Budapest winter invitation' gets mentioned in The Guardian

2010. december 6.  

Budapest gets mentioned in the British daily paper, The Guardian, yay. In the article ‘Winter in the city: five cool breaks’, Budapest is listed alongside Berlin, Lyon, Vienna, and Chicago, as the coolest winter travel tip. We cannot be more proud over the thing, that our sexy city is mentoined in a positive context. We […]

Instant get: Bike lock can climb lamp posts to deter crooks

2010. november 30.  

Bikes get stolen. Even when locked to a lamp posts — but what if they where locked to a lamp post and raised 15ft off the ground? That’s the question a group of German inventors asked themselves shortly before creating a lamp post-climbing bike lock. The team from German electronic components firm Conrad dreamt up […]

W. H. — Shakespeare Sonnets @ Jedermann (nov.19.)

2010. november 18.  

The formation of W.H. was initiated in 2006 by cellist/composer Albert Márkos, with the aim to place the sonnets of William Shakespeare into the musical environment of present times. The name refers to a monogram used in the 1609 edition of Shakespeare’s Sonnets, which was mysteriously dedicated to a certain Mr W.H. (The enigmatic dedication is still a matter of neverending debates.)

Fridge Faetival Budapest (November 11 to 14)

2010. november 7.  

The location is not the Alps but the Hungarian capital, the heart of Budapest. From November 11 to 14, 2010, Hősök tere (Heroes Square) and „56-osok tere” Square will be the skiers’ and snowboarders’ empire. MONSTER Budapest Fridge Festival will be there. The feeling of ski and snowboard run, snowy slopes and „hütte” in the city of 2 millions. A huge jump, the biggest riders in the world, star DJs, concerts, exhibition and sale. Four-day continuous spin, party and pulsation.

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